Which schools

Which school

How do I choose a secondary school? And which study programme is suitable for my child? It can sometimes be difficult to choose a school. Gather information about the Dutch-speaking secondary schools in Brussels in good time. Contact various schools.

Looking for schools

You will find all the practical information and study programmes per Dutch-speaking school in Brussels via the school seeker on onderwijsinbrussel.be. You can also download a school guide or order one free of charge. This will provide the contact details of all the Dutch-speaking schools in Brussels, along with the range of courses offered by the secondary schools.

onderwijskiezer.be provides information about school open days and information sessions. Be sure to take a look at the website of the school itself, too.

Help with choosing schools

When you and your child choose a school or a study programme, it is important for you to be aware of what possibilities are available, what your child is good at and what he or she enjoys doing. Talk to people around you or ask questions at the pupil guidance centre (CLB). Find out about the practical elements, too. Can you drop your child off earlier and collect him or her later? Can the children eat at school? What are the school hours?

Choosing a Dutch-speaking school has consequences. Think about it carefully. How can you help your child? Can Dutch have a place in your home, as well?

The website onderwijskiezer.be includes online questionnaires that will help you choose the right study programme.

Information sessions

  • The Local Consultation Platform for Brussels Secondary Education (LOP Brussel SO) organises information sessions for parents. At these sessions, you receive information about the application and registration procedure for the first grade A and the first grade B for the 2021-2022 school year. Details of when and how these information sessions are held will be provided here shortly.
  • The information sessions organised for parents by the three pupil guidance centres (CLB) in Brussels about the transition from primary to secondary education have been provisionally cancelled owing to the coronavirus rules. For more information, please contact the CLBs.

A short film will soon be provided by the LOP Brussel SO here, explaining the application and registration procedure for first-year secondary education.