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Registering in a school that does not operate an application procedure?

Go to ‘My file’ > 'Registering'. There you will find information about the registration procedure.

Registering for 1A, in a school that operates an application procedure?

Take a look at the checklist for parents before signing up your child (English translation under the Dutch text).

An application procedure comprises 3 steps:

Step 1: applications from 7 March (9 a.m.) up to and including 31 March 2022 (4 p.m.) 

Go to Put your child's name down and register your schools of choice.
Watch the short instructional film on the bottom of this page.

Step 2: verification period from 1 April to 5 May 2022

Does your child qualify for priority status Dutch, GOK or non-GOK? If so, you will need to provide documentary evidence in support. The school or the network of your 1st choice will check your documents. Provide the documents in time. Mind: the schools are closed during the Easter holidays.

Step 3: assignment message and registering from 12 May to 7 June 2022

You will receive an assignment message on 12 May. This message will tell you whether your child has a place in a school of your choice. Contact the school between 13 May and 7 June 2022.

Video - How to apply for a place?

Watch this short instructional film. It clearly shows what steps you need to take to apply for a place for nursery and primary education. The procedure for secondary education is largely the same.

Make sure the sound is turned on while watching the film.


Questions? Need help? These organisations will help you.


How are the documents checked?

Present your documents to the school between 1 April and 5 May. Provide the documents in time. Mind: the schools are closed during the Easter holidays.

What if you fail to present your documents to the school on time? In that case your child will not be given a priority place. Its application will remain valid but it won't be listed in the priority category.

My child does not have any personal identity number. What now?

Contact the help desk at 02 553 05 82. They will be able to advise you. 

How are the pupils who applied for a place ranked? And how are the places allocated?

STEP 1:  The pupils are ranked.

Each school has a list of pupils looking for a place. First, they are ranked on the basis of school choice. Pupils who listed the school as their 1st choice are ranked first, next pupils who listed the school as their 2nd choice, then pupils who listed the school as their 3rd choice...

Then they are ranked (per school choice) on the basis of a random number defined by the computer.

Now the pupils have been ranked. The order they are listed in is important for the rest of the procedure as applicants are offered a place in a school in the order of this ranking.

STEP 2: The pupils are assigned to the available places.

Each school has GOK places and non-GOK places. The school divides the pupils between GOK pupils and non-GOK pupils.

1. Pupils who have a parent who has a sufficient command of Dutch will be given a place first:

  • GOK pupils get a GOK place.
  • Non-GOK pupils normally get a non-GOK place. Still GOK places left? In that case, they can also be given a GOK place. They will get a maximum of 55% of the places.

2. Once the priority quota Dutch has been filled, all the other pupils are given a place (GOK or non-GOK).

Where possible, pupils are given a place in the school of their 1st choice.

You will receive a place allocation notification. The place allocation notification will tell you whether your child has a place in a school of your choice.

I do not wish to answer the questions on my proficiency in Dutch. What are the consequences?

In that case, your child will not qualify for the priority status Dutch.

I do not wish to answer the questions on equal educational opportunities (GOK). What are the consequences?

Your child will be registered as a non-GOK applicant.

How do I apply for a place for a multiple birth?

Log in with the personal identity number of 1 of the twins, triplets... On the 'personal details' page, check the option 'multiple birth applications'. Next, enter the names and dates of birth of the other children of the multiple birth.

How do I apply for a place for 1A for children from the same family who are not twins, triplets...?

Do you wish to apply for a place for 2 children, from the same family, who were not born as part of a multiple birth? Contact the help desk at: 02 553 05 82 or

This could for instance apply to children of a recomposed family or to brothers or sisters of different ages.

Mind: the children must form part of the same family. You will need to confirm this in writing and the school will verify this at the time of registration.

What is a personal identity number (rijksregisternummer)?

Every person living in Belgium has a personal identity number. It is a unique number. The number is listed on the gummed health insurance label and on the electronic identity card. The first 6 digits of this number are the year, month and date of birth. Does your child not have a personal identity number? If so, contact the help desk (02 553 05 82).

Why am I asked for an e-mail address?

An e-mail address allows us to communicate with you faster and more efficiently. If you don't have a personal e-mail address, you can always enter the e-mail address of a member of your family or friend. Make sure to enter a valid e-mail address and to check the e-mail address on a regular basis. If you do not provide an e-mail address, we will contact you by post.

Do I have to sign my child up if he or she is changing schools?

Is your child changing schools at the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year? In that case, you need to sign your child up via between 7 and 31 March 2022 (4 p.m.).

Is your child changing schools during the school year? Has your child been excluded from the previous school? Click here for more information.