How and when

Do you want to register your child in a Dutch-speaking school in Brussels for the 2021-2022 school year? Enquire as soon as possible about the procedure!

From 4 to 15 January 2021 brothers and sisters and children of staff enjoy priority. Other children have to apply for a place between 1 March and 26 March 2021.

Also register all children that were born in 2019, even if they are not due to start school until 1 September 2022.

Some essential dates:

  • 4 to 15 January 2021: Priority for brothers and sisters and children of staff
  • January - February 2021: Get to know the schools
  • 1 to 26 March 2021: Apply for a place
  • 3 to 26 May 2021: Notification + registration
  • From 3 June 2021: Open registration

How does the registration procedure in the nursery and primary schools take place?

The short instructive film below explains how to register your child in a Dutch-speaking nursery or primary school in Brussels. This film is a translation of the Dutch film.

Make sure the sound is turned on while watching the film.


Take a look at the page ‘Which school’ for more information about the information sessions organised by the LOP Brussel Basisonderwijs.


My child was born in November - December 2019. Should I register it already?

Yes. If your child was born in 2019, you should register it now, even if it is not due to start school until 1 September 2022. What if you decide to wait? The longer you wait, the fewer the places!

My child is going to school already. Do I still need to register it for next school year?

No. Once your child is registered in a school it will remain registered there. Registrations are valid for all the elementary school grades.

Is your child due to go from 3rd nursery to the 1st grade of primary school? Or would you like to send it to a different school? In that case, you may have to register your child again.

Where can I find a list of all the schools?

Take a look at the page ‘Which school’. On there is a list of all Dutch-speaking schools in Brussels. You can also request the school guide (in Dutch) there.

Which school has places available?

Here you can find a list of places available for each grade and each school.