GOK/non-GOK pupils

GOK stands for 'equal educational opportunities’. Schools have places for GOK children (35%) and non-GOK children (65%). GOK children have a mum who doesn't have a diploma of secondary education or who receive a school allowance. Non-GOK children do not.

Do you want GOK or non-GOK priority?

  1. If so, put your child's name down between 7 March (9 a.m.) and 31 March 2022 (4 p.m.).
  2. Enter the priority details you are asked for. 
  3. Then forward the relevant documents to the LOP, the Local Consultation Platform, within 3 working days of having submitted your place application.


GOK: which documents do I need to forward to the LOP?

You will need to furnish proof of the fact that your family was in receipt of a school allowance during the 2020-2021 or 2021-2020 school year.

Non-GOK: which documents do I need to forward to the LOP?

You don't need to forward documents to the LOP. When you register you child in the school, take 1 of these documents, of the pupil's mother, with you:

  • A diploma of secondary education
  • A proof of study of the 2nd grade of the 3rd stage of vocational secondary education,
  • An equivalent proof of study.

What is a school allowance?

A school allowance is a financial contribution from the Vlaamse Gemeenschap (Flemish Community) for pupils in nursery and compulsory education. If your family's income is below a certain minimum, you will qualify for a school allowance.

More information: www.groeipakket.be 

How do I forward these documents to the LOP?

  • Ideally, scan them in and e-mail them to lop.brussel@vlaanderen.be
  • Or send them by post to:
    LOP Brussel Basisonderwijs
    Koning Albert II-laan 15 - bureau 4A29
    1210 Brussels
  • Or hand them in to the same address.

If any documents are missing, the help desk will contact you.