Dutch-speaking parents

Pupils with at least 1 parent who is sufficiently proficient in Dutch enjoy priority when registering. This priority applies to 55% of the places.

Do you wish to qualify for the priority arrangement Dutch?

  1. If so, put your child's name down between 7 March (9 a.m.) and 31 March 2022 (4 p.m.).
  2. Enter the priority details asked for. 
  3. Then forward the relevant documents to the LOP, the Local Consultation Platform, within 3 working days of having submitted your place application.

Full details about this priority arrangement (in Dutch).


How are the priority places calculated?

The school determines its overall capacity, per year of birth and grade. There are GOK places (35%) and non-GOK places (65%). 55% of the non-GOK places are reserved for pupils with a parent who is sufficiently proficient in Dutch. GOK pupils with a parent who has a sufficient command of Dutch also enjoy priority. But they are not included in the 55%.

The school will give any pupil who applied for a place already a place in the correct priority group. Then the school calculates the places it has left.

My child attends a Dutch-speaking childcare centre. Does my child have priority?

No, your child does not have priority.