In need of mediation? Questions about the place allocation?

Was your child refused a place because the school didn't have any places left (weigering op basis van capaciteit (refusal on the basis of the school’s capacity))? In that case, you can ask the LOP to mediate on your behalf. Together with you, they will look for a solution.

Do you feel that there was something amiss with your child's place allocation? In this instance too, you can contact the LOP. The LOP will provide you with details on how the places were allocated.

LOP Brussel Basisonderwijs
Telephone number: 02 553 30 20


Was your child refused a place in a school and did the school subsequently register another child in the same class or in the same grade? Only in these instances, a complaint with the Commissie voor Leerlingenrechten (Committee on Pupil's Rights) will be entertained.

You have 30 calendar days as of the moment you receive the "place application unsuccessful" document to file a complaint with the Commissie voor Leerlingenrechten. Please note that your complaint must be made in writing and must be signed.

Commissie voor Leerlingenrechten
Koning Albert II-laan 15
1210 Brussels