Children of members of staff

Are you working in a school? In that case, your child enjoys priority when you register it. Contact the school between 10 and 21 January 2022. Once that period has expired, children of members of staff no longer enjoy priority.

Mind: also register all the children of a member of staff that were born in 2020, even if they are not due to start school until 1 September 2023.

Also brothers and sisters of pupils who are registered already will apply for a place then. Brothers and sisters get first priority. After that, and as long as there are places available, the children of school staff enjoy priority.


How do you register your child as a member of staff?

1. Go to the school between 10 January (8 a.m.) and 21 January 2022 (4 p.m.).
2. Take with you:

  • Copy or picture of your child's identity card
  • Proof of your child's domiciliation address
  • Proof of employment (including work address) of a parent

3. Complete all the details together with the school.
4. The school will give you further details about the registration procedure: 

  • Your child has been registered: together with the school you choose the date your child will start school.
  • You have applied for a place for your child: the school does not have enough places for all the siblings. You need to apply for a place for your child first. On 2 February 2022 you are notified:
    • Your child has a place: go to the school and register it. Take the place allocation notification with you when you go to the school. Together with the school you will choose the date your child will start at.
    • Your child hasn't got a place: go to the school and ask for a document of unsuccesful registration. This will ensure that your child's name is put on the waiting list and that you will still be able to register your child when places do become available.