Which schools

How do I choose a secondary school? What course of study is my child suited to?

Choosing a school can be difficult. Don't wait until the last minute to start gathering information about Dutch-speaking secondary schools in Brussels. And visit several schools.

When choosing a school or a course of study, it is important to know what options your child has, what your child is good at and what it enjoys. Talk to your neighbours and friends or ask the CLB for advice.

Also enquire about the practical aspects. Can you drop off your child early and pick it up late? Does the school provide meals? What are the school hours? 

Opting for a Dutch-speaking school does have its consequences. Think carefully. Will you be able to help your child? Can Dutch also be given a place at home?

More information?

  • onderwijsinbrussel.be: comprehensive information about the Dutch-speaking course offer in Brussels. The ‘school finder’ will give you all the practical details per school, the courses of study they offer.
  • onderwijskiezer.be (in Dutch): online questionnaires concerning choice of study, an overview of open days in the schools,...