How and when

ATTENTION: Due to the corona measures (COVID-19), the dates of the application and registration procedure have been adjusted. You will find the current information here.

After primary school, your child will enter secondary education. Here you will find everything there is to know about enrolling in a Dutch-speaking secondary school in Brussels.

Enquire on time. Why?

  • Choosing a school and a course of study takes time. 
  • In some schools you will need to apply for a place first.
  • Some pupils have priority.


When can my child go to secondary education?

Once your child has obtained a certificate of elementary education, it can attend 1st grade A or 1st grade B of full-time secondary education. Sometimes, your child can also start mainstream secondary education without being in possession of a certificate of elementary education.

Your child can start in 1st grade A if:

  • it attended the 6th grade of primary school, did not pass but did receive a favourable advice from the class council and the CLB (Pupil Guidance Centre)
  • it is admitted on the basis of a screening by the admissions class council

Your child can start in 1st grade B if:

  • it attended the 6th grade of primary school but failed to pass
  • it did not attend the 6th grade of primary school but will be turning 12 years of age on 31 December of the school year in question at the latest

1st grade B caters for youngsters who have fallen behind or who prefer to learn by doing. After 1st grade B, pupils can either go to the pre-vocational year or to 1st grade A.

Is your child suffering from a disability, a learning disorder or behavioural disorder? If so, it can go to special secondary education where your child will get the help it needs. When registering your child, you will need a report of the CLB.

Should I register my child this year already?

Is your child due to start 1st grade of secondary education in Brussels in September? In that case, you will need to register your child now. Go through the website for further information.